About me

Dear guests,

For more than 20 years I have been living in Potsdam, I love this city, with its many attractions and the same number of secrets to be discovered behind them.
As an engineer I am curious about the relation between the obvious and what is behind it.
I want to make these relations visible to my guests, that means: to be an “eye opener”.

I therefore invite you:

Accompany me on my trips to discover the secrets of Potsdam, which cannot easily be found on your own and to experience the joy of the “Aha!” effect.

The reliable basis for my tours: I´m not only an engineer, but also as a certified tourist guide I´m member of Potsdam Guide e.V. (registered association).

In addition I´m licensed by the Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation Berlin-Brandenburg (SPSG) for “Park Sanssouci”, “Neue Kammern Palace”, “Neuer Garten”, “Marmorpalais” (Marble Palace), “Cecilienhof Palace”, and “Caputh Palace and Park “.
Also I´m approved to guide tours to the scientific institutes on the Potsdam “Telegraph Hill”, to the “Sport Park Luftschiffhafen” (historic air ship field, now sports training ground), and to the parliament building of Brandenburg (the former historic city Palace in Potsdam).

Please visit me also at XING: www.xing.com

Looking forward to seeing you soon!